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Marineyard.com is a service which use to before please read these terms and conditions of the website.

It is the responsibility to the user and publisher when they advertise content, text, image, graphic video ("Content") they follow marineyard.com applicable laws. if they publish any illegal or any inaccuracy of the content, marineyard.com will not take any responsible.

Ensuring publisher and user that, the summaries of the advertise do not violet any copyright, intellectual property rights or other rights of any person or entity, and agrees to release marineyard.com from all obligation, liabilities and claims arising in connection with the use of the service.

All of the image of marineyard.com are watermarked which prevents the images to be used other's work without permission of the advertiser.

All of the objects (including the content, and any other content, software or services) contained on marineyard.com are the property of marineyard.com. No material on this site may be copied, reproduced, republished, instwalled, posted, transmitted, stored or distributed without written permission from marineyard.com.

The authority of marineyard.com reserves the right to change the title of the content, for editorial purposes. To publish any image which is irrelevant or images that violate marineyard.com rules, it is right not to publish at marineyard.com.

Whenever user post any add they have to use the valid email. These email addresses of the user will not publicly displayed, but other users are permitted to sent email to the user throuh marineyard.com.

Advertisers and Users wishing to post content on Marineyard.com that requires payment ("Paid Content"), may be required to transmit information through a third-party service provider, which may be governed by its own terms of use. It's their own risk whenever they link the third party service provider and Marineyard.com disclaims all liability releted thereto. Under no circumstance shall Marineyard.com be obliged to refund any payments made in respect of Paid Content.

In any event that paid content violates any aspect of these Terms & Conditions; Marineyard.com may in its sole discretion and without refund, remove the paid content from Marineyard.com. Users and Advertisers may delete any paid prior to the end of the paid for period, and Marineyard.com shall have no further responsibility to display the deleted content. Marineyard.com is neither responsible no liable for the perceived success of failure of any paid content posted on Marineyard.com.

Any other website link can be present at Marineyard.com. No responsible will take marineyard.com for the contents in third party website. Third party websites are not investigated or monitored. In the event the user leave marineyard.com to enter others website, the user does so at his/her own risk.

Marineyard.com will not take responsible following reason or disclaims all responsibility for any inquiry, claim, liability, or damage of anykind resulting from or arising out of or any way related to(a) for any errors on Marineyard.com or the content, as well as but not limited to technical errors and typographical errors, (b) For the unavailability of Marineyard.com, (c) For any other website of content directly or not directly accessed through links in Marineyard.com (d) Your use of any equipment in connection with Marineyard.com (e) Your make use of Marineyard.com or the Content.